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Our Services

Service & repairs of European brands, like Volkswagen & FIAT

Kashyap Motors is know for their expertise on important luxury cars and restoring classic & vintages cars since 1986. That has made is special from all the other workshops. Currently we offer service and repairs for the following categories:

Modern cars

With the latest equipment we service and repair all luxury car brands plus:

  • Dent & paint jobs
  • interior upholstery
  • engine overhaul
  • tyres and balancing
  • performance tuning

Classic cars

We are thé specialist in restoring classic & vintage cars into their original state. We have a dedicated team of crafstmen specialised for the job.

  • Complete rebuilding
  • Engine replacements
  • Dent & paint jobs
  • Interior upholstery


As part of our business we have been selling, servicing & repairing minivans and buses. You can still use our expertise to keep your minivan in an absolute mint condition.

  • Service & Repairs
  • Dent & paint jobs
  • Engine overhaul
  • Tyres & balancing
  • Interior upholstery